Starting school pointers….from a school OT

So maybe you are dreading…..or anticipating the start of a new school year here are a few ideas you may find useful as the year starts. I have been an OT in a school for the last 17 years and have 3 kids of my own just to give you some background.

First lets talk backpacks. 1. Shop for a backpack appropriate for your child’s size. The bag should not hit lower than mid thigh in the back and it should not be wider than their shoulders. 2.Do not put your child’s name on their backpack. Initials are different if you want to label but their first name is not a good idea. A stranger can call your kid by their name just by looking at their backpack. 3. This is the most important and crucial one. A backpack should not weigh more than 25% of your child’s weight. To make it easy if your child weighs 100 pounds their backpack should not weigh more than 25 pounds. Do not try to just gauge it weigh the bag fully loaded and know what your child weighs. 4.Try to have the bag packed evenly…so that one side is not heavier than another. Unevenly distributed weight can lead to more pressure being put on one side. 5. If the bag weighs more than 25% of your child’s weight encourage your child to reduce the items in the bag or carry some items in their arms. 6. Use BOTH straps of the backpack or have a backpack with a strap that goes across the chest.

These are 6 easy steps to keep your child safe and prepared. Back problems in children and teenagers are real and can start with improper use of a backpack. Repeatedly carrying a too heavy backpack can cause hip problems as well as strain in the neck and shoulders.

I know all you Moms and Dads have lots to do to start the school year! Just takes a little time to keep your little ones and big kids safe and ready for a new school year.

Remember God’s grace is sufficient and we are all imperfect Moms just trying every day to not screw up!!! Love ya Mamas!

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