Imperfect Moms Unite

Hey there ladies. In my first post I realized I did not really tell much about myself… call it Mom brain I guess. Here is a follow up to that. I just turned 40!!!! Believe me when I say I am fabulously 40! I have been married for 22 years to a wonderful man who happily tolerates my CRAZY!!! Yes I got married at 18 and no I was not pregnant! I am fiercely addicted to coffee and Dunkin Donuts is my FAVORITE! I like to drink almost an entire pot daily….if I have access to more then I may or may not drink more than one pot! Judgement free zone here! I work with the special needs population as an Occupational Therapist in our local school system. My own kids are as follows my oldest daughter is 15, middle daughter is 13 and my baby boy is 10. They are involved in all sorts of activities but 4H is a big one for all of us. I am constantly trying to keep up with them and all of their various activities. I am constantly making mistakes…as a Mom as a wife as a sister. I come from a family of 4 girls and I am the youngest….growing up in a house with 5 women is extremely interesting. Our upbringing was very strict and legalistic….however as an adult I am happy to announce I have uncovered the concept of GRACE. His grace is sufficient! Love you Mamas! More to come! God Bless!

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